Our entire critical thinking framework is now available in self-paced online lessons.

Here are just a few options this newest delivery mode makes possible:
*A. Method to introduce the critical thinking concepts to any target group.
*B. Coach assigned lessons for building thinking mastery within an internal expert group
*C. Preparing participants for full participation in a task oriented problem solving or
decision making meeting.
*D. Post-test method following a standard face-to-face workshop with full remediation.
*E. Between session work as determined by your workshop instructor to build competence.

We have three major online courses that mirror our standard one-day workshops PLUS we also offer individual modules from these online courses for flexibility in how the content is integrated into your training plan.

Systematic Problem Solving

» Systematic Problem Solving (3-4 hours)

*Includes ALL: Problem Inventory, Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, & Supplemental Reading. Or select these individual modules below:

» Problem Inventory (60-90 minutes)

» Problem Solving (90-120 minutes)

» Root Cause Analysis (30-60 minutes)

Systematic Decision Making

» Systematic Decision Making (2.5-3.5 hours)

*Includes ALL: Concern Analysis, Decision Making, & Supplemental Reading. Or select these individual modules below:

» Concern Analysis (60-90 minutes)

» Decision Making (90-120 minutes)

Systematic Project Management

» Systematic Project Management (2.5-3.5 hours)

*Includes ALL phases: Agree, Think Through, & DO. Or you may select individual modules below:

» Agree (60-90 minutes)

» Think Through (45-75 minutes)