BPI Success in Every Industry

Successful BPI projects include companies from a wide range of industries. For example: Steelcase, Merck & Company, Coors-Molson Brewing, General Motors, Daimler Corp., IBM, Pacific Life, Ebay, Cablevision,  New York Stock Exchange, and Verizon Wireless.

Very well received

I was not only impressed by my own reaction to the training, but extremely pleased to hear the overwhelming positive comments from the other workshop participants … The training was largely attended by … engineers and project managers and many stated that this was the best training experience they had participated in ….

Robin Carvajal
Executive Director
Employee Training Institute (San Diego)


Critical Thinking Experts

I think Systematic Teamwork (Critical Thinking) is first class. The materials are clear, practical, and straight to the point. No wonder you get good results and repeat business. I know how much work it is to put out materials like that, so you have my congratulations.

Chuck Kepner, Ph.D.
Principal, Kepner Associates, Inc.
(founding partner of the Kepner-Tregoe organization)


Troubleshooting Experts

Feedback from the technicians who have taken the course has been extremely positive. The success of this project was largely due to your ability to be flexible and to apply problem analysis to many different situations.

Susan D. Christophersen
Regional Service Manager
AC Delco (formerly of GM Service Technology Group)


Common Approach, Common Language

All participants found the concepts … easy to grasp and put into practice. (T)he case studies were relevant to their work. … (A) number of different departments often come into play when solving (cross functional issues.) They now have a common language to enhance the process.

Mike Landry
Manager, Training & Development
Merck Frosst Canada Inc.


Fast, Effective Decisions

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was the most useful and practical business course I have taken. Being able to layout your thought process and visually demonstrate how you arrived at a conclusion, lends tremendous credibility. This approach has already proven effective in my job, (making) a decision with an account team about a customer solution. Within a few minutes, a decision was made and needless debates were avoided.

Joanne O’Neill
Customer Solutions Team


Boost Quality Team Results

(Teams) are (now) making a difference in the (plant) – over a million dollars annually.

Dave Burkhart
Plant Employee Involvement Facilitator
Steelcase, Inc.

Less time used in meetings for quality teams. … Greatly improved supplier meetings (from 3 hours down to 1 hour.) … Greatly improved technical staff ability (to solve problems and make decisions.) … Worked well with our PDCA and Kaizen process.

Barbara Wilson
Training Supervisor
Hitachi Metal Technology Corp.

The excellent benefit of your program is that it fits in very nicely with our own quality program.

Gayle Lyons
Training & Development Manager
AEG Modicon, Inc.


Fun, Interactive Workshops

I have attended a number of seminars in the past few years and appreciated the presentation style of the systematic (thinking) program. By far, this is the most interactive meeting I have attended. … Thank you for recognizing and utilizing our intelligence!

Edward M. Moore
Director of Customer Service
Security Pacific Healthcare Professional Funding

BPI programs conducted by our management training department … have always been received with enthusiasm. On a scale (low to high) from 1-10, scoring 8 or above.

John H. Lyons
Manager Management Training
General Electric Co.


All Organizational Levels

This would probably be the best 2 days of training I have ever attended – and I’ve been to quite a few! The underlying body of analysis and techniques are excellent and capable of application at ANY level. Systems other than BPI often can only be applied in (limited) circumstances or with special skills – compare with 6 Sigma – but that limitation does not apply to the BPI material.

Peter Trasker
Merck, Sharp & Dohme


Job Aides

Very practical information about problem solving, decision making and project planning; CD with forms that we can make use of on our jobs; the compact “Applications Guide” is fantastic and I plan to keep it handy and reference it frequently.

Steven Frank
Program Manager
IBM, Lotus

I attended the two-day Critical Thinking for Leaders workshop 9 years ago and have used the Excel templates provided in the course numerous times over the years to assist in Problem Solving and Decision-Making. I still rate the course as one of my all-time bests.

(Name withheld)
Director, Strategic Operations

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

I have been provided with … feedback of the RCA that have been conducted since running the first program here at site. The results have been excellent. Your product is being very well received and what’s more, is having a profound and positive impact on our deviation management program.

(name withheld)
Global Operations Learning & Development
Genzyme Ltd., Haverhill, UK


USC Leaders Academy

“I have only the highest praise for the work … (BPI) is doing to help organizations think better. We hired BPI to provide the participants of our USC Trojan Leadership Academy with training on the various aspects of Critical Thinking. (The BPI facilitator’s) delivery was pitch-perfect — expert facilitation, superb listening, masterful pacing of the class, and a great sense of humor which went a long way to making the workshop a great learning experience for the 30 or so group of USC leaders that participated. Several years ago, I had taken a class here at USC at the Marshall School of Business called “Designing High Performance Organizations,” with the brilliant Professor Paul Adler. During that class, I was amazed by Paul’s steel-trap-mind and razor sharp thinking process in assessing organizational issues to develop workable solutions. Imagine my delight when I discovered an organization that actually taught this high level of critical thinking! At USC, the response to (BPI) was outstanding. BPI’s processes are truly effective – a critical skill set for most who work in today’s highly complex and competitive environments!”

Roberto Blain
President and CEO
Cerulean Leadership