Critical Thinking: an Interview – Part I

An interview with Richard Wells of Business Processes Inc. What is critical thinking? How does it help us resolve difficult issues, make better decisions, and solve problems.

Critical Thinking: an Interview – Part II

Continuing an interview with Richard Wells of Business Processes Inc. What is critical thinking? How does it relate to creative thinking, whole-brain thinking (and more)?

Root Cause & Five Whys

Clarify the concept of causal chaining and root cause to improve corrective actions.

Five Whys – How To Do It Better

Root cause is redefined. Tips are offered to avoid logical errors, minimize frustration and obtain improved results.

Three-Legged Five Whys – A Step Forward?

A critique of a procedure intended to improve upon Masaaki Imai’s Five Whys.

Rx for Six Sigma? Add Critical Thinking !

Improve your Six Sigma results by adding BPI’s Critical Thinking and Project Management tools.

Add Critical Thinking To Process Improvement

Learn how Deviation Management, Lean and Six Sigma can be improved.

Fishbone Plus Critical Thinking

This article identifies seven weaknesses of the classic Fishbone Diagram as a problem solving tool and the critical thinking remedies for these weaknesses. It also introduces the concept of the Thinking App.

But What About People Problems

A discussion with an experienced BPI instructor/consultant.


Could misaligned incentives be contributing to your organization’s problems?

Project Management Tip #1

What’s the best way to handle multiple projects? Learn one way for cutting average project durations 25-50%.

Critical thinking and Strategic Planning

This article is from a discussion between OPR (Organizational Performance Resources) and BPI describing why critical thinking is essential to effective strategic planning.

HRD in the Middle

This article is also an excerpt from an interview between OPR and BPI describing a common but challenging entry point for HRD interventions.

HRD Consulting with your customer

How to transform HRD from a training administration focus to thinking facilitation service gaining prestige and making a needed contribution.

Problem Solving in a Crisis

This real life story, about a life or death situation, demonstrates the critical need for critical thinking skill even among highly trained professionals.

Time Pressure Decisions!

Yes/No. Go/No Go. Choose NOW! Find out how to quickly clarify the situation to improve your decision results.

When Communication Is Not Enough

Many companies provide training in interpersonal communication skills to improve abilities to share thinking about problems and decisions. But we have found that often good communication still is not enough. One of BPI’s expert consultants relates an experience with expert communicators and a long standing problem.

Sheep-Dip Training

Dip ya and forget ya!

A Simple Tool For Measuring Training Impact

A self-assessment method for Kirkpatrick Levels Three and Four is reported to have been validated. Alan Scott applies a technique he read about in the book Elevators by John Noonan.

Back to the(Internet) Classroom

From Training Magazine, March 1999. This article describes one training supplier’s journey to selection of a distance learning mode.

Critical Thinking System

This is a chapter taken from the Resource Guide To Performance Interventions published by Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer, January 1999. This is one of 50 interventions in the book. The article describes the creation and implementation of a critical thinking system for a manufacturing plant.

Targeting Waste

Waste, where it hides, how to find and eliminate it!

Stopping Work Complications

Creating efficient, streamlined processes – and keeping them that way. That is the focus of this article.

Accountability and Authority

BPI’s critical thinking skills and project management methods can improve your organization’s capacity to have competent and trusted leadership.

Walk the Walk

How a good leader can coach employees to help them learn how to think better. A couple of brief coaching examples demonstrate how simple it can be to lead employees to create better results – if you yourself ask the right questions.

Vision and Leadership

A good leader has clarity, accepts responsibility and has substance (not just a good style.) Get others on board to close the gap between the current reality and the organization’s (department’s or unit’s) vision.

Lean, Six Sigma + Critical Thinking

Read what Lean-Sigma expert, Brad Wyrick, of Wyrick Enterprises (a Motorola Business Partner) says about critical thinking and process improvement.

Secrets of Successful Teams

The book TeamWork by Larson & LaFasto (Copyright © 1989 by Sage Publications) is an oldie but it contains much wisdom about what creates team success. It’s based on a three-year study of a wide range of teams seeking to determine what really separates exceptional performing teams from the others.

Thinking Critically & Happiness

The following is an essay using excerpts from Stumbling On Happiness, the book written by Daniel Gilbert © 2006. In the essay, we predict some positive effects from the use of critical thinking in everyday life based upon Dan Gilbert’s research.

Troubleshooter Certificate

A rationale for gaining a career advantage from updating this important job skill even when you have many years of experience and schooling.