Who Are We?

Critical Thinking Experts

The Business Processes Inc. (BPI) consultants and trainers are critical thinking experts. We have more than 35 years experience teaching problem solving, decision-making, and planning for every major industry. Our strength is an ability to make common sense, systematic and practical. Our methods offer an optimal blend of simplicity and analytical power. We tailor our instructional exercises by industry and for any organizational level.

We also offer both BPI Consultant-taught and Train-the-trainer options; We have a very flexible mix of Blended-learning options. We can arrange for you to sample our Self-paced content. Please fill-out the CONTACT US form on this website and we will contact you to arrange your preview.

What Do We Offer?

Critical Thinking for Leaders

This is a two-day workshop for organization and team leaders. It teaches the BPI critical thinking framework. Emphasis is on using three levels of leader leverage to improve organizational thinking (i.e. personal competence, coaching of others , and improving organizational climate through root cause analysis and decisions that evolve both your human and technical systems.)

Critical Thinking

This two-day workshop is for teams and individuals. It also teaches the BPI critical thinking framework. The emphasis is on teaching people how to think and collaborate systematically. The same content is available in One-day courses: Systematic Problem Solving and Systematic Decision Making.

Systematic Project Management

This is a one-day workshop on project management basics. It is an excellent stand-alone workshop offering a unified approach to project definition, planning and implementation. One that can be used to define and plan participant projects during the class itself. It is often used as a prerequisite for project management software training and other advanced training.

What Makes Us Unique?

Immediate ROI

There is significant time in each workshop devoted to the job issues of participants. Each critical thinking class will demonstrate a positive ROI during the workshop itself. We can guarantee a 10X return on your training investment from each workshop. This is from only the average of 3-4 high impact issues identified during the workshop itself. On-going application of these tools by all participants after the workshop will have a very large and continuing impact on your technical and human systems from day one. Ask how to support a culture of continued use on-the-job.

EASY to learn; easy to use

The streamlined thinking process is easy to learn and use. For example, the cause analysis process takes a team just 30-40 minutes to identify both a most likely cause and a test to verify if it is the true cause.

ANY organizational level

The simple yet powerful processes work with any organizational level from hourly through upper management.

Job Aids

We provide a thorough text, printed team easel forms, pocket-sized application guides; troubleshooter notepads; electronic workbooks for online collaboration and coaching. Our online courseware can be used for advanced study and remediation.

One and Two-Day Workshops with Online Options

The workshops are highly interactive, practical and very well received. They generate interest and create great word of mouth demand. And, the organization benefits from limited time off the job and quick, documentable impact. Ask your BPI representative how we target high impact issues in the workshop and follow-up to document organizational impact.

What Business Issues Do We Address?

  • Failure to find root causes of problems
  • Many muddled actions instead of one targeted corrective action
  • Projects late, over budget, or low quality
  • Information overload and complexity
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Long response times
  • Any issue needing problem solving
  • Unclear analysis and recommendations
  • Poor, ineffective and narrow decisions
  • Actions uncoordinated and counterproductive
  • Complicated and unwieldy organizational systems
  • Poorly defined projects
  • Long wasteful meetings
  • Any issue needing a decision.