Founded in 1977, BPI’s specialty is teaching critical thinking skills to improve thinking performance at the leader, team, individual and system levels. BPI workshops provide the logical framework required to handle any issue from the simple to the complex. Each workshop builds on participant’s existing knowledge and experience with special emphasis on application to present job situations.

Video Overview & Presentations

The following are videos. The first presentation is a prerequisite to fully understand the others. Watch the “Critical Thinking Overview …” first and then select any of the others that might be of interest.


An in-depth overview of BPI including its critical thinking framework, workshops, industry packages, and tie-ins to specific organizational initiatives.

Problem Solving Experts

Description of the complimentary relationship between standard blackbelt tools and the BPI critical thinking tools. Example of one successful Greenbelt / Blackbelt project.

Team & Leader Training

Relationship between successful teams and team/leader skills.

Project Management Curriculum

Critical thinking and project origins and project implementation.


Blended learning options featuring Web-Based-Training (WBT).